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judgment enforcement

New York State Asset Investigations & Judgment Recovery Agency



Liberty Judgment Enforcement is a professional agency specializing in the enforcement of court judgments. With years of experience in the industry, Liberty Judgment Enforcement provides a wide range of services to clients seeking to recover their rightful payments.

Our team of skilled professionals works diligently to locate and seize assets, enforce wage garnishments, and execute judgments against debtors who refuse to pay. With a strong commitment to integrity and client satisfaction, Liberty Judgment Enforcement has earned a reputation for excellence in the judgment enforcement field.

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recovery process


The first step is to investigate the debtor's assets and financial situation to determine if they have sufficient assets to pay the judgment. This can include researching property ownership, bank accounts, employment status, and other financial information.


Once assets are identified, the next step is to use such methods such as sending demand letters, negotiating payment plans, requesting a writ of execution to seize bank accounts or personal property, or obtaining a court order for wage garnishment.


If the debtor refuses to pay or attempts to hide assets, we may need to seek legal enforcement of the judgment. This can include requesting a court order to seize property or requesting that the debtor be held in contempt of court.


Finally, once assets have been collected or enforcement measures have been successful, the creditor can receive payment on the judgment. Liberty Judgment Enforcement only receives our fee when funds are collected.

Why Liberty Judgment Enforcement

Choosing Liberty Judgment Enforcement can provide you with a range of benefits when it comes to collecting outstanding debts and judgments. For more details on why you might want to consider working with Liberty Judgment Enforcement follow the link below.

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Straightforward Pricing

35% fee up to $20,000 collected
30% fee for $20,000 to $100,000 collected
25% for $100,000+ collected and above

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