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Enforce Judgment

Debtor & judgment information

Creditor hereby also grants Liberty Judgment Enforcement LLC the right to enforce any additional cases listed in the field below in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in the Client Service Agreement below.

Client service agreement


35% fee up to $20,000 collected
30% fee for $20,000 to $100,000 collected
25% for $100,000 collected and above

1.     Services. Liberty Judgment Enforcement LLC (“Provider”) is engaged in the business of recovering outstanding judgment awards (“Awards”).

2.     Third Parties. Provider may retain third party affiliates to perform investigation and enforcement activities subject to the terms of this agreement.

3.  Client Warranties. Client expressly represents and warrants: the validity, amount, and authenticity of each Award submitted to Provider; that the Award is presently and validity owed to Client; and the amount stated in supporting documents provided by Client is the current amount owed to Client.

4.    Judgment Validity. Client confirms that the Award in question has not been satisfied, paid, assigned, compromised, or discharged in bankruptcy court, nor rendered unenforceable in any way.

5.  Exclusive Authorization. Client hereby appoints Provider as the exclusive judgment enforcement service provider, pursuant and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

6.     Indemnification. Client will release and protect Provider from any and all legal actions claiming that the Award has already been satisfied or partially paid. This indemnification covers any legal fees incurred by Provider due to such litigation. Client will also defend, indemnify and hold harmless Provider from any and all claims arising from any breach of this Agreement by Client.

7.   Payment to Provider & Client. Provider shall remit to Client the recovered amount less the Provider fee and collection costs on the last day of each month for all collections received. Client agrees to promptly notify Provider of any settlement offers or payments made directly to Client from the judgment debtor while the Agreement is in effect.
8.   Term and Closure. This Agreement shall take effect immediately. If Client wishes to terminate the Agreement, Client may do so provided that judgment debtor assets have not been restrained, garnished, or located. Client must provide 60 days written notice to Provider.

9.  Settlements Processing. All settlements related to the Award shall be processed by Provider.

10.   No Guarantees. Provider and Client agree that Provider does not guarantee any result whatsoever
with respect to recovery of the Award.

11.   Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of New       York.

12.  Litigation and Court Appearances. It is explicitly stated that Provider is solely hired for collection purposes and will not be responsible for litigation, including court appearances.

By clicking the "Submit" button, you hereby assent to the terms and conditions stated above.

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